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Katalog der Universitätsbibliothek TU Bergakademie Freiberg

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Simple Search  Enter your search term and press "SEARCH" to begin. You may also use your "ENTER" key if using Internet Explorer.

BROWSE INDEX  will display a list of search indexes to show how your records will be retrieved

Clear Form  will reset all fields ready for a new search

You may also enter a publication year from and to in order to restrict your search to material published only within that time period


Select Author from the index

Forename and surname are known
Hauptmann Siegfried
Surname and the first letter of the forename are known
Hauptmann S*          Enable phrase search (tick the checkbox)
Only the surname is known
   - Enter the surname (Hauptmann) BROWSE INDEX, select from the search results
   - refine the search (to reduce the number of search results)

Select Title from the index

Exact title known
Physical chemistry of macromolecules
Title partly known
Enter the known words and/or truncate one (!) word
chemistry macromol*
Author + Title

Select any word from the index

Searching: Patterson, Gary B.: Physical chemistry of macromolecules
Enter: Patterson macromolecules
Institution (corporate body, conference)

Select Institution from the index

Searching publications, conference proceedings etc. by the institution
Searching: Maryland Geological Survey Reports
   - Enter the search term Maryland Geological Survey

Select Any word or Subject heading from the index

Searching a general topic
   - Select Any word from the index (= searching subject headings and keywords)
   - Search term (Biodegradation) can be truncated (Biodegrad*)
Searching literature published in any language using German subject headings
   - Select Subject heading from the index
   - Enter the search term Granit
   - Select the relevant subject